Truck & Fleet Cleaning


Fleet cleaning

As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you know how important it is to keep those cars or trucks looking great whenever they’re out on the road. At Keep It Klean in West Palm Beach, we offer truck and fleet cleaning services that can make your vehicles look great all year round.

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Fleet cleaning

Truck Cleaning

If you own a trucking company, hauling materials to and from construction sites, industrial warehouses, and more, then chances are your trucks can get quite dirty. Not only will regular cleaning keep the trucks looking great, it can help them avoid breakdowns in the middle of a workday.

Delivery Vehicles

Delivery vehicles put a lot of miles in each month, and your business needs them to run efficiently in order to stay on top of your schedules. Our team can provide regular cleaning for your delivery vans, trucks, and cars, keeping them looking great and ready to go every single day.

Maintain Your Branding

Your fleet of vehicles likely have your business name and logo on the side of them, where other drivers can see them while on the road. This branding is key to letting people know about your business, but it won’t be effective if the logo or name is covered by dirt and debris. By hiring Keep It Klean, you can ensure your branding is visible on every company vehicle!

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